Here at Perlot Orthodontics, we are proud to offer AcceleDent treatment.

We recommend that our patients use AcceleDent for twenty minutes every day at home during their orthodontic treatment, along with their fixed braces or clear aligners. This is used to speed up the treatment process. Using AcceleDent will also ease any discomfort that you may be feeling during your orthodontic treatment. It is a mouthpiece that fits around your existing braces or clear aligners.

AcceleDent has a lot of great benefits for your smile. It creates a safe acceleration of the bone remodeling process; it is clinically proven to move your teeth up to 50%; and it uses SoftPulse Technology, which is applied precisely and gently accelerates the movement of your teeth.

One of our goals is to change and remodel the bones in your surrounding teeth so that you are happy with the results. In the remodeling process, tiny vibrations or micropulses will increase the speed of your bone’s remodeling.

If you have any questions about how AcceleDent treatment can help you, contact us today at (360) 786-1600.