Alyssa G.

Alyssa came to Dr. Perlot with crowding, narrow arch and an uneven smile.  She was treated with braces and was motivated in wearing her elastics, beautiful smile Alyssa!

Bailey P.

Bailey had crowding and a crossbite that was causing a jaw shift and gingival recession.  Dr. Perlot recommended interceptive treatment to prevent more severe health issues.  Using an expander and fixed braces on the upper arch, Bailey not only has a beautiful, healthy smile but also has more space for erupting teeth!

Ethan M.

Ethan presented with an overjet of 8 mm and did not like how his upper teeth “stuck out”.  Using full braces, Forsus appliance, elastics and having a wonderfully motivated and compliant patient, we accomplished a final stunning smile of 2 mm overjet.

Jessica F.

Jessica presented to Dr. Perlot with the request to have a functional, gorgeous smile without surgery.  We were able to accomplish this with a highly motivated patient who accepted slow orthopaedic expansion and superb elastic wear.

Seth K.

Seth presented with crowding, uneven smile, open bite with a steep mandibular plane angle.  With braces and elastic wear, Dr. Perlot and Seth created a beautiful broad smile and a confident young man.

Ruby B.

Ruby came to us with a sneaky tongue habit that narrowed her arch and also created an open bite.  We started her off with an expander with a tongue guard and aligned her upper arch.  She presented for comphensive treatment so that Dr. Perlot could dial her bite to perfection and with Ruby’s help we were able to create a beautiful smile through art and science!



Michael G.

Michael came to see us with concern on a front tooth that was not feeling lined up with the others.  He wanted to be treated with Invisalign and he was a great wearer with the aligners (22 hours a day) and the results are stunning!