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We truly believe in furthering our education so that we can learn all we can. This not only benefits us but also helps our patients.

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We know how scary visiting the orthodontist can be, especially the first time. Not only do you have paperwork to fill out and...


We are dedicated to showing you all of our options and discussing them thoroughly with you. We want you to find the best treatment option for you, no matter what you choose.


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Welcome to Perlot Orthodontics

When you become a patient at Perlot Orthodontics, you become part of our family! We know how important a beautiful smile is, and our friendly team of professionals strives to give every patient the best care possible, leading to results that will exceed expectations.

Dr. Robert Perlot has been trained in and is proficient in the use of functional appliance therapy, habit-breaking appliances, removable and retainer plates, Invisalign®, conventional braces, clear braces, and self-ligating braces such as Clarity™ SL, Damon™ Smile, and In-Ovation®. We also offer accelerated treatment with AcceleDent® Aura and PROPEL Orthodontics!

Based upon your complimentary initial examination, Dr. Perlot will make a diagnosis and render the most practical, efficient, and economical treatment for your individual situation. We are always here to answer any questions you may have about your treatment or that of your child. Parents are always welcome into the treatment area to observe their child’s progress.


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